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Global Warming Hiatus and the Curious Intensification of Tra...16-06-28
Two faces of Arctic and Antarctic climate change and their l...16-06-02
Isopycnal Mixing across the Intense Jets: Float-based Estima...16-04-05
Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability: A Nonlinear Perspectiv...16-03-31
Wind-induced near-inertial energy in the ocean: anticyclone-...16-03-18
Climate Modeling: Its history and prediction of future clima...16-01-11
Revisit of the Global Surface Energy Balance Using the MEP M...15-12-25
Understanding regional decadal climate changes since the mid...15-12-10
On the mesoscale eddy parameterization and maintenance of at...15-11-26
Future heatwaves in a 2°C warmer world: their uncertainty, ...15-11-23
Constraining Estimates of Cloud-Aerosol Interactions15-11-13
The Fast Multi-dimensional Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposi...15-11-06
Air-Sea Interaction shapes the spurious15-11-03
Future changes of nutrient dynamics and biological productiv...15-10-29
Adiabatic three dimensional heat fluxes associated with ENSO...15-10-10
A Revised Real-Time Multivariate MJO Index15-10-09
Integrated assessment of ocean, land, and aerosol's roles in...15-09-21
Modeling aerosol climate effects: A NCAR-CESM study of chang...15-09-16
Using North Atlantic salinity variations for seasonal foreca...15-08-26
Formation Mechanisms of Future SST-Precipitation-Circulation...15-07-30
Convective Parameterization: Challenges in High-Resolution G...15-07-17
Impact of solar panels on global climate15-07-15
Towards Understanding the Madden-Julian Oscillation15-07-15
Climate Research under Anthropogenic Influence15-07-10
An Introduction to a Multi-scale Method for Data Assimilatio...15-07-03
Fusing Precipitation Data of Mixed Accuracies, Resolutions a...15-06-24
Impacts of Satellite Data on the Impacts of Numerical Simula...15-06-19
The Influence of Orbital Forcing of Tropical Insolation on t...15-06-12
Past, Present, Future of IAQ Research in Korea15-06-11
The Power of Simulation in the Sciences15-05-28
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