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Spectrally resolved radiances: new dimension in climate mode...08-10-08
Deep Sea Environment: deep current, mixing, and geothermal v...08-09-22
Detection of Regimes of Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction08-07-14
International Pacific Research Center & Department of Meteor...08-07-14
Energetics of Air-Sea Coupling in Tropical Cyclones08-07-14
Tropical cyclogenesis from merging vortices associated with ...08-07-14
ENSO-MJO Interaction08-07-08
Some recent developments in Variational Data Assimilation : ...08-07-08
Seeking an Effective Way of Assimilating Airborne Doppler Ra...08-06-25
Some recent developments in Variational Data Assimilation : ...08-06-25
Understanding the South China Sea Throughflow08-05-22
Understanding the poleward shift of Southern Hemisphere surf...08-05-22
Applications of WRF Data Assimilation System at the NCAR Dat...08-05-22
Seasonal Variation of Water Vapor and Tropospheric Methane o...08-04-29
Predicting climate change:Uncertainties and prospects for su...08-04-14
Influence of the stratospheric circulation change on the tro...08-03-14
Convective-mixing Processes and Monsoon Hydrologic Climate S...08-01-15
Extratropical influences on the MJO07-12-06
Progress in the study of energy balance in oceanic general c...07-11-29
The modern predictability of the 1966 big Venice flood07-11-21
GloSea - the Met Office Seasonal Forecasting System07-09-21
Statistical downscaling models and their applications in cli...07-09-19
Modeling of the Atlantic ocean meridional circulation, shut ...07-09-10
Analogies and differences between the last interglacial and ...07-08-22
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