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Using CMIP6 HighResMIP Global Climate Simulations to Better ...19-01-28
Formation Mechanisms of Western North Pacific Anomalous Anti...17-06-27
Climatology of Tibetan Plateau Vortices and Connection to Up...17-03-02
CSSP MESETA - Simulation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon wi...17-03-01
Factors Determining ENSO Asymmetry16-11-11
Development of Resilient Design through the Understanding of...16-11-08
Adiabatic Motions in the Oceans & Extended Isopycnal Analysi...16-10-10
Jet Streams, Vortices, and the Antarctic Ozone Hole16-09-30
Dependency of Radiation and Clouds to the Horizontal Resolut...16-09-27
Using High Resolution Global Modelling for Improved Understa...16-09-27
Investigating the Role of the Oceans in West African Monsoon...16-09-26
ENSO in the Holocene: energetics and link with SPCZ16-09-26
Pacific Sea Level Rise Pattern and Global Surface Temperatur...16-09-26
Regional Re-analysis Without Regional Data16-09-26
High-resolution Climate Modeling: Getting New Insights about...16-09-26
Cloud Microphysics and the Interaction between Forcing and F...16-09-22
Clouds after Paris: Why we must and how we can improve clima...16-09-21
Global-to-regional Simulations of Aerosols with O(10 km) Gri...16-09-21
Cloud Microphysics and Climate: Use of Satellite Observation...16-09-21
Climate Feedbacks by Tropical Low Clouds: constraints from o...16-09-19
The Influences of Southeastern Pacific and Tropical North At...16-09-10
Interhemispheric SST Gradient Trends in the Indian Ocean Pri...16-09-10
Understanding Land-atmosphere Interactions and Their Respons...16-09-02
On Sea Ice Predictability in the US Arctic Regional Seas16-09-01
Climate Downscaling Using LMDZ Model16-07-29
An Efficient and Parallelizable Numerical Method For Random ...16-07-23
Impacts of Climate Change on Arctic Storms and the Loss of S...16-07-11
The Crucial Role of the Sahara Greening in Suppressing ENSO ...16-07-08
Disentangling Natural and Anthropogenic Controls on Terrestr...16-06-30
Mechanisms for El Niño and La Niña Evolution A...16-06-28
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