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Seminar on Using Python in Geophysical Applications19-05-10
Scientists Reveal Pacific North Equatorial Countercurrent We...19-03-07
Tracking the Intensified Observation of CO2-2019 Winter19-01-23
LASG Newsletter No.818-12-28
2018 Academic Committee Meeting of LASG was Held in Beijing18-12-10
Prof. ZHOU Tianjun Selected as 2018 Highly Cited Researcher18-11-27
"2018 LASG Postgraduate Academic Forum" was successfully hel...18-11-26
Prof. Sir Brian Hoskins visits IAP18-10-15
2019 LASG Open Research Program Notification18-09-20
Assessing satellite-derived net surface radiative flux in th...18-07-25
When and how will the Millennium Silk Road witness 1.5 °C a...18-07-25
Evaluation of the zonal wind stress response to SST in the C...18-07-25
Perspectives on the non-stationarity of the relationship bet...18-07-25
Varying Rossby Wave Trains from the Developing to Decaying P...18-07-25
Interannual variation of precipitation over the Hengduan Mou...18-07-25
Impacts of meteorological nudging on the global dust cycle s...18-07-25
Estimation of PM2.5 Concentrations over Beijing with MODIS A...18-07-25
Multi-scale Simulations of Atmospheric Pollutants Using a No...18-07-25
Large-Scale Circulation Anomalies and Intraseasonal Oscillat...18-02-12
Decadal Change of the Western North Pacific Summer Monsoon B...18-02-12
Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Submesoscale Eddies in th...18-02-12
Increased Eddy Activity in the Northeastern Pacific during 1...18-02-12
Precipitation extremes in the dry and wet regions of China a...17-07-05
Studying Solar Activities and Climate Change from a Multidis...17-03-29
Atmospheric footprint of the recent warming slowdown17-03-02
Incorporation of a dynamic root distribution into CLM4.5: Ev...17-02-28
Towards a physical understanding of stratospheric cooling un...17-02-28
Impact of the snow cover scheme on snow distribution and ene...17-02-28
Impact of surface sensible heating over the Tibetan Plateau ...17-02-28
Anomalous pattern of ocean heat content during different pha...17-02-28
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