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2014 Academic Annual Meeting of LASG was held in Beijing15-05-11
Working Meeting of CNC-FE was held in Beijing, China15-02-16
The 1st Congress of China Geodesy and Geophysics (CCGG) was...14-10-28
Future Earth Science Committee / Interim Engagement Committe...14-06-05
First Workshop of the IUGG Commission on Climatic and Enviro...14-04-05
2013 Academic Annual Meeting of LASG was Held in Beijing13-12-06
2012 LASG Summer Symposium on Climate Variability and Change...12-01-13
ICDM Workshop 201211-11-11
The YOTC International Science Symposium and the 8th Asian M...10-12-20
5th C20C Workshop09-09-04
2009 LASG International Summer Symposium09-09-04
EAC 1009-01-08
INYS 200809-01-08

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