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Using CMIP6 HighResMIP Global Climate Simulations to Better Understand Climate Risk and the Impact of Horizontal Resolution
Source: LASG    Viewed:  time(s)    Time: 2019-1-28
 Dr. Malcolm Roberts
Met Office Hadley Centre, UK
14:00, 28 Jan, 2019
3# 1118

The CMIP6 HighResMIP experimental design enables better understanding of the impact of horizontal resolution on climate model biases and simulated variability. The European project PRIMAVERA has 7 modelling groups producing these simulations, with initial analysis of the multi-model ensemble showing various consistent changes with resolution across the models (SST, precipitation, tropical cyclones).

The coupled model simulations with fixed 1950’s forcing also enable us to examine how interannual variability (in terms of tropical cyclones, AMOC ocean overturning circulation) are changed by model resolution, and whether this changes our interpretation of recent observations of climate variability as a forced response or as internal climate variability.

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