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2019 LASG Open Research Program Notification
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2019 LASG Open Research Program application now starts. Researchers at home and abroad are welcome to participate in this application.



The State Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (LASG), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences is an internationally renowned laboratory of atmospheric sciences. In the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, LASG Open Research Program is specially established to strengthen complementary communication among LASG and other atmospheric research institutes.



2019 LASG Open Research Program will give priority to the following tasks:



Ø  High-resolution atmospheric model, intricately detailed scale ocean model and sea ice model



Ø  Numerical methods of high-resolution land surface processes simulation



Ø  Air-land-sea interactions and monsoon dynamics



Ø  Predictability of high-impact weather and climate events; new methods of ensemble forecast and data assimilation



Ø  New algorithms to geophysical fluid dynamics



Ø  Simulation of climate change and decadal climate prediction



Ø  Application of big data to numerical modeling



The type of the Program is divided into Key Program and General Program. LASG approves 1~2 Key Programs and several General Programs every year. The funding for the Key Program is 150,000RMB throughout 2 years; the funding for the General Program is 50,000RMB throughout 2 years.



Application requirement:



l  The applicants should be Non-LASG members.



l  The collaborator should be a LASG tenure scientist.



l  Research priority of the program must relate to LASG key research tasks closely.




Please fill in and email your application form (attachment) to by 15 Nov 2018. And two copies of the application form are also required to be sent to LASG Secretariat.



Post address: 40# Hua Yan Li, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chao Yang District, 100029



Tel: 10-82995173



LASG official website:



Application form


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