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The logic and art of programming in scientific research
Source:LASG    Viewed::time(s)    Time:2017-12-28

The academic salon organized by the Student Union of LASG was held on December20th in IAP. Associate professor,Dr. DONG Li was invited to give a lecture on “The logic and art of programming in scientific research” and share his experience in programming.

Dr. DONG Li has been devoting himself to the research of computing method in Atmospheric Model for a long time. He was also a talented programmer and has numerous open source projects on GitHub.

The lecture lasted for two hours, including two parts. Dr. DONG first introduced the popular Docker platform in computer science and its applications in atmospheric science. Then he demonstrated how to use the Docker platform to increase the efficiency during the scientific research. In addition, he shared his experience in how to form a good habit in Fortran programming. He illustrated how to write the standard and beautiful codes from numerous good and poor codes.

More than 80 people participated in the salon and many questions and discussions were raised. Even when the activity was over, many people stayed to discuss with Dr. DONG.

Salon venue

Dr. DONG Li introducing the Docker platform

Lively discussion

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