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High-resolution Climate Modeling: Getting New Insights about Climate and Climate Change
Source: LASG    Viewed:  time(s)    Time: 2016-9-26
 Prof. Jin-Song von Storch
Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany
10:00 am,26 September,2016
No.303,Keyan Building


With increasing computer power, climate simulations at increasingly higher resolution have become possible. While the benefit from high resolution simulations for studying details of small-scale processes is obvious, using high-resolution modeling to get insights about the global climate and climate changes is less well perceived. In terms of examples, this work shows that high resolution climate models are needed a) for improving global climate simulations, as parameterizations of unresolved processes do not always work as they should, b) for achieving more accurate climate prediction, as small-scale processes can interact with large-scale circulation by altering the global response function, and c) for getting new insights about energetic small-scale processes (such as convection in the atmosphere and internal gravity waves in the ocean) and their roles for large-scale circulation and climate, as observational basis for such studies is limited.

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