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Interhemispheric SST Gradient Trends in the Indian Ocean Prior to and During the Recent Global Warming Hiatus
Source: LASG    Viewed:  time(s)    Time: 2016-9-10
 Dr. Lu Dong
15:00 pm,9 September,2016
No.303,Keyan Building


During the recent hiatus in global warming, a striking interhemispheric gradient in Indian Ocean sea surface temperature (SST) trends developed around 2000, with relatively weak or little warming to the north of 10°S and accelerated warming to the south of 10°S. We present evidence that this interhemispheric gradient in SST is forced primarily by an increase of Indonesian Throughflow transport from the Pacific into the Indian Ocean induced by stronger Pacific trade winds. This increased transport led to a depression of the thermocline that facilitated SST warming presumably through a reduction in the vertical turbulent transport of heat in the southern Indian Ocean. Surface wind changes in the Indian Ocean linked to the enhanced Walker circulation also have contributed to thermocline depth variations and associated SST changes. In addition, the distinct interhemispheric SST gradient in the Indian Ocean can be attributed to the internal variability, though within extreme magnitude.

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