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Development of Resilient Design through the Understanding of Extreme Hazards
Source: LASG    Viewed:  time(s)    Time: 2016-11-8
 Prof. Xiaoming Wang
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization(CSIRO), Australia
15:00 pm,8 November,2016
No.303,Keyan Building
    The Build Back Better (BBB) principle was introduced by many governments in the disaster reconstruction to prevent the unending cycle of destruction and reconstruction. There was a need to transform the principle into local practices while maintaining its consistency, completeness and integrity along the principle, and to facilitate the local capacity building and implementation of disaster risk reduction (DRR)/climate change adaptation (CCA) at the end. However, ‘how resilient is a resilient design’, which could allow structures to resist the impact of future extreme hazards, is not indeed answered clearly. The presentation will demonstrate the resilient design through the project completed recently for the Philippine Government aided by Australian Government. It provided a risk-based resilient design option for local government facilities by introducing resilience factors into the current design standard, on the basis of the understanding of extreme hazards and enhanced requirements to meet the reduced failure exceedance probability. It quantitatively described how better the local government facilities should be built back after disasters, importantly, in a cost-effective way.
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