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973 AIPO project
Source:LASG    Viewed:time(s)    Time:2009-1-8

The National Basic Research Program (973 Program) "Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction over the Joining Area of Asia and Indian-Pacific Ocean (AIPO) and Its Impact on the Short-Term Climate Variation in China" Project


 “The joining area of Asia and Indian-Pacific Ocean (AIPO)” refers to the ocean area which surrounds both the East Asian and South Asian Continents, and connects to both the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean . It is one of the key areas to the short-term (seasonal to inter-annual) climate variation over . The air-sea interaction, i.e. the exchange of energy, momentum and mass across the sea-air surface, in the AIPO area is one of the key factors that lead to the large-scale, persistent or explosive meteorological disasters in . Moreover, the annual economical loss caused by these disasters is around 3%-6% that of China GPD in recent years. Therefore to provide more accurate seasonal to inter-annual climate predictions and offer advice for the policy makers in the governmental departments of industry, agriculture, husbandry, fishery, and water resources, etc, are urgent needs of China. For the moment, ’s short-range climate prediction ability is still not satisfying due to our insufficient understanding of the key physical processes relating to climate variation and the poor performance of current climate prediction models. Our researches on the air-sea interaction are expected to reveal the main characteristics of the short-term climate variation over , to promote the ability to predict short-term climate prediction, and to enhance the overall performance of disaster prevention and mitigation. The implementation of this project will provide valuable scientific advice for the policy makers in the government departments.


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