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INYS 2008
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International Networking for Young Scientists (INYS)


International Networking for Young Scientists (INYS) is an initiative that supports the Council's purpose of "nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with other countries", by encouraging and facilitating the mobility of, and direct contact between, young researchers. It supports face-to-face meetings between young scientists and engineers from the UK and other countries, for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information and the building of international connections that assist the innovation process.

The INYS workshop is scheduled in February 2008 in Exeter (UK). The main theme of the workshop is "Modelling Climate Variability and Change". The event area includes observations, climate modelling, detection and attribution, and feedback processes. Approximately 10 Chinese and a similar number of British young scientists are expected to attend the workshop. The Chinese participants will come from Chinese Academy of Sciences, research centres of China Meteorology Administration, and various universities. The whole activity will last 5 days, including a 3-day workshop and 2-day field trip. This workshop aims to promote the collaborations of young scientists from UK and China in climate change studies. During the workshop, the UK and Chinese scientists will report their achievements in climate change research.


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